Vacuum Feed Gas Chlorinator

Gas Chlorinators from 100 Gms/Hr to 200 Kgs/Hr

 Vacuum Feed Type – Frame Mounted / Floor Mounted / Wall Mounted / Cylinder / Tonner Mounted in Automatic and Semi – Automatic System

 Gravity Feed Type

Frame Mounted Chlorinator

Floor Mounted Chlorinator

Tonner / Cylinder Mounted Chlorinator

Motive Water (water at high pressure) passes through the injector to produce vacuum.

This vacuum extends up to Automatic Vacuum Regulator (AVR).

The chlorine gas supplied [from Tonners/ Cylinders or Chlorine Evaporators] under pressure is reduced to a lower pressure by Pressure Reducing Valve [RRV] and to a constant vacuum at the AVR. The gas under vacuum passes trough a Gas Flowmeter or Rotameter and Flow Control Valve [FCV]. A Differential Pressure Regulator [DRP] is provided for chlorinators above 6 Kgs/hr capacity, to control the pressure drop across the Flow meter and also to ensure accurate and steady flow of gas. The chlorine gas gets then mixed with the water at the injector and is then discharged to the point of application. Safety Valves like Check Valve, Emergency Drain Value, Pressure Relief Value and Vacuum Relief Valve are provided in the system to make it safe for both Operating Personnel and Equipment’s longevity.